A rabbit was captured to make killing machine. That rabbit implanted artificial organ, an engine that can improve his ability. Rabbot born as the latest killing weapon for the future.
But, a Rabbot escaped from laboratory due to faulty of control sensor. He broke through the security forces, fled to the city. With the power that he had made the security forces overwhelmed. Finally, the company launched drones to pursue the Rabbot. Come help the Rabbot to escape from drone army.
Powerups :

  • BEEBOT : use your wings to fly avoid many obstacles.
  • SCREABOT : no obstacle that can stop you.
  • MAGNEBOT : Carrotoms (coin in game) will come to you.
  • ROCBOT : launch jetpack

Features :

  • Facebook Leaderboard
  • Game Center Leaderboard
  • Powerups and items that will help you
  • Many missions to complete
  • Reward System

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