A pair of wooden creature named Sengon and Senna, originated from the same sacred tree. They cannot be separated, when they far away from his or her counterparts, they will weakened, dried, and died.
One day, one of them is kidnapped by the Dark Lord to be used as a source of life for his dying partner. Inevitably, Sengon / Senna (chosen Hero) must chase and save his life partner. The chase was not easy. Obstacles and fight with the monsters (the Dark Lord’s forces) was not inevitable.
You must have a powerful weapon to attack and shield to survive the onslaught of monsters, You also have to run as fast as possible to catch the kidnapper to survive and save Sengon / Senna.
Features :

  • Will make you busy, run faster, avoid obstacles, and fight the enemies. You must keep the distance too.
  • 6 different stages with 10 levels each stage
  • Many Hidden Artworks. You can use it as wallpaper
  • 4 different endings, depend on your stat
  • Unpredictable story
  • Many achievement to complete

Controls :

  • Single Tap : Jump
  • Double Tap : High Jump
  • Swipe Down : Slide
  • Swipe Right : Dash
  • Yellow area to Attack
  • Grey area to Defend

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